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The impact of trauma on society is profound. We are just starting to grasp trauma's influence on world politics and more precisely on conflicts between groups or nations. Looking at the world through the lenses of trauma and the need to heal it can help diminish violence and bring peace around the world. Only a trauma-sensitive media can help us accomplish this ambitious task.

This booklet looks at Trauma from every angle, including its social and political ramifications, which must now be addressed in our world of the 21st Century. Accepting the premise that trauma can manifest itself in illness and can often be acted out violently between peoples and nations, we can no longer ignore our responsibility to be informed about the latest research regarding trauma and the techniques that can help the spiraling effects of trauma and violence.

This booklet addresses the following subjects:

  • Information about responses to trauma - psychological, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual
  • Practical ideas to prevent trauma's widespread impact
  • The media's role in helping diminish secondhand trauma.
  • The Stream of Life, the Trauma Vortex, and the Healing Vortex - user-friendly metaphors
  • Secondhand Trauma - applications for media professionals and the public
  • Guidelines: Balance in Coverage of both traumatic events and healing images
  • Resources that engage the Healing Vortex
  • Emotional First Aid
  • Prevention of the Copycat Phenomenon
  • The Political Trauma Vortex
This guidebook can help media members use new tools for themselves and for their presentation of day-to-day and world events in a way that helps the public cope.

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