Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, 2008

Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal, 2008

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The Trauma Vortex in Action Again in the Middle East

The latest breakdown of the peace process in the Middle East has unfortunately set the stage for the Palestinians, the Israelis, and possibly all the Arab world, to be caught again in the reenactment of psychological trauma and its destructive path.

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The Media and the Understanding of The Trauma Vortex at the Political Level

The situation in the Middle East seems hopeless. Every day, the media reports stories of trauma and violence and seemingly irreconcilable political positions agitated by individual passions.

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Emotional First Aid Brief Guide

When traumatic events happen, they challenge our sense of safety and predictability and this may trigger strong physical and emotional reactions. These reactions are normal. Emotional First Aid gives you information on how to help yourself, your family and friends in response to witnessing, hearing or living through the traumatic events.

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The Political Trauma Vortex

This article aims to help illuminate the scope of trauma’s impact on world politics and to explore its influence on conflicts between groups and nations.

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