Gina Ross
President and FounderGina RossGINA ROSS, MFCC, is Founder and President of the International Trauma-Healing Institute (ITI-USA) and of its Israeli equivalent, ITI-Israel.  She is co-founder of the Israeli Center for the Treatment of Psycho-trauma in Jerusalem and the chairwoman of the International Israeli Trauma Conference of 1999, in Jerusalem. She is a Faculty member of the Foundation for Human Enrichment and an international senior trainer and practitioner of SE®, teaching in the Americas, the Middle East and Africa and has introduced and developed SE® in the Middle East. Her sensitivity to trauma is rooted in her personal life experiences of fleeing Syria as a child, leaving Lebanon overnight during the civil war and arriving in Brazil as a teenager.  She immigrated to California 35 years ago.Trained in rational-emotive, cognitive and somatic approaches, she specializes in trauma and cross-cultural therapy in seven languages. She was the Founder of the Los Angeles-CAMFT- Cross-Cultural Committee. She is a frequent presenter at international conferences and has appeared on radio and television as a trauma expert.  Currently she works with Israeli and Palestinian societies and media to bring about understanding of the role of trauma in Middle Eastern politics. She has developed the Ross Model®: Working with the Collective Nervous System to work with trauma at national levels and address the role of trauma in conflicts, violence and war between groups and nations, using SE® and other methods.For that purpose, she has authored Beyond the Trauma Vortex: The Media’s Role in Healing Fear, Terror, and Violence, several scholarly articles, and recently published a series of books for seven sectors of society entitled Beyond The Trauma Vortex Into The Healing Vortex:  A Guide for the Public (in English, Hebrew and Portuguese,) Beyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex: Guide for Diplomats and NGOsBeyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex:  Guide for Psychology and Education; Beyond the Trauma Vortex Into the Healing Vortex:  Guide for the Medical Field, Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex: a guide for the Military and A Guide for the Media.  The Guide for the Clergy is in progress. She has also created a web video analyzing the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict from the point of view of the 12 world trauma vortices that fuel the conflict, and has developed trainings to work with collective trauma.  She is a consultant on trauma, the media and politics.

Reg Wilson
Co- FounderReg WilsonReg Wilson, CEP, is EPIC Wealth Advisors Estate and Executive Compensation Specialist. His expertise in wealth strategies involves deferring and shifting estate taxes, income taxes, and capital gains through planning techniques and creative uses of domestic and international life insurance structures.As the former president of an international manufacturing company and a turnaround consultant, he is also a frequent speaker to CPA and law firms on analyzing many aspects of life insurance planning.  He is the author of How to Insure Your Life, a consumer guide to analyzing and purchasing life insurance and is currently writing a new book on the subject of Legacy.Professional memberships include Life Underwriters Association, International Association of Financial Planners, Founding Member of International estate Planning Forum, Institute of Certified Financial Planners, Association of Corporate Growth and the Los Angeles Venture Association.


Evelyn Rappoport

Evelyn Rappoport

Evelyn Rappoport, Psy.D. obtained her Doctorate from Yeshiva University and her Analytic Training from the New York University Post Doctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. She is a licensed clinical psychologist-psychoanalyst in full time private practice in Manhattan where she sees individuals, couples and families. Dr. Rappoport is also a Somatic Experience® Practitioner and she currently specializes in trauma resolution work in both New York and Jerusalem. She is an adjunct clinical supervisor for doctoral students in New York City and conducts private supervision groups for clinicians interested in integrating somatic body work with relational psychoanalysis. She lectures and consults at many institutes on intersubjectivity, recognition and trauma.

Dennis Duitch

Dennis Duitch, CPA has practiced public accounting for over 30 years, with expertise in management, taxation, finance and general business matters for a wide spectrum of businesses including professional service practices (legal, medical, consultants), entertainment (film, music, infomercial, producers, performers, directors), real estate, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and non-profit organizations. With credentials including an M.B.A. degree from Northwestern University, Dennis consults in strategic direction and planning, business formation and forecasts, operating plans and budgets, deal negotiations, and international business matters. He also renders Mediation support services in matters including partner/shareholder disputes and business or marital dissolution. He has lectured extensively in management, financial and accounting areas for the California CPA Foundation, business and professional groups, has instructed at several colleges and universities, and has authored technical articles in taxation and management for regional and national publications.

Ronald Boehm

Ron Boehm, 50, Chairman, CEO, and primary shareholder of ABC-CLIO, has grown up in the publishing business. He has been President of ABC-CLIO for over 20 years, succeeding his father Eric Boehm who founded ABC-CLIO in 1953. He has worked a wide variety of functions in publishing, both at ABC-CLIO, its European subsidiary, and at other publishers, in preparation for his role as the CEO. These positions included functions in editorial, sales, and information technology.

After completing an undergraduate degree in History (College of Wooster, 1975), he has also attained a law degree (Hastings College of the Law, University of California, San Francisco, 1981) and an MBA (Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, 1981). He is a member of the California Bar.

During his tenure as CEO, ABC-CLIO has grown 500% through internal development, not including product lines, which have been developed and sold over the past ten years, which accounted for an additional $4 million in annual revenues. Additional positions include CEO for the International School of Information Management (1998-2000), for which he initiated a sale in 2000.

He co-founded of Intellimation in 1987, a video and software publishing venture which became a wholly owned subsidiary of ABC-CLIO and then was absorbed into the parent company in 1995. Mr. Boehm has served as President of the Santa Barbara Partners in Education, a business/government/education partnership that supports Santa Barbara County Schools, and as Chairman of the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Young Presidents Association, of which he has been a member for ten years. He is married with three children. He competes regularly in sailing events around the world, having been National Champion in the International 14 class in 1990.

Alan Fox 

Alan Fox is the father of six outstanding children, and is the editor and publisher of Rattle, a well respected literary magazine. He highly values education, and has accumulated college degrees in Accounting, Law, Education, and Professional Writing. In his spare time he is the CEO of a successful commercial real estate firm which specializes in purchasing and managing large shopping centers in the Western United States.