Israel Trauma and Media Project:
Provides self-help tools and support to Israeli and Palestinian media professionals, whose coverage is impacted by burnout and secondhand trauma associated with job-stress and the violence to which they are exposed. Through trainings, educational activities and joint meetings over an 18 month period in cooperation with Israeli and Palestinian partners, media professionals in this region develop awareness of the role that trauma plays in exacerbating conflicts and the essential role the media can play to promote healing.
ImpactThe project has the potential to impact massive numbers of people by affecting reporting, slanting it towards the resolution rather than the amplification of trauma, informing the public on trauma, its impact and its healing, as well as facilitating dialogue among the region’s media professionals.
 Israel Trauma and Education Project:
Provide Palestinian and Israeli teachers and parents with self-help tools to reduce the effects of trauma, develop greater personal control, and decrease the potential for reactive violence, in conjunction with Education for Life in Israel. The tools will help parents, teachers, and children cope with the effects of the current conflict. Seminars will help develop awareness of how collective extensive trauma exacerbates conflict, leads to reactive decision-making, and increases violent behavior. In addition, the project provides, communication skills designed to reduce verbal aggression and promote constructive relations between people.
ImpactShort-term and long-term impact is better mutual understanding and promotion of non-violent behavior within and between Palestinian and Israeli societies.
 Trauma Video Project:
A forty-five minute video that describes trauma, its effects on physical and mental health and on behavior; and provides techniques to cope with traumatic activation and to develop resiliency.
ImpactWidely distributed to the public, for maximum impact, through schools, hospitals, community centers and on television, this tool will allow a massive number of people to understand how trauma manifests in their lives and to constructively cope with traumatic stress, minimizing the impact on the economy, the health and criminal system and minimizing political pressure for knee-jerk reactions.
 Beyond the Trauma Vortex Book Series:
Six serialized books tailored to the experience of trauma and specific application of its healing techniques in a variety of environments. Editions will address education, government, medical/emergency, business, clergy, and legal markets.
ImpactBy addressing the effects of trauma in a variety of environments and illustrating specific healing applications, the series will promote the understanding of and coping with trauma in a specific and pointed manner, serving as a catalyst for institutional discourse in the different markets, the engaging of experts and the creation and delivery of training for each specific market.
 International Trauma Resource Center:
Interactive website, forum, and collaborative network, to educate the public on trauma, facilitate the up-to-date exchange between research and clinical data, and provide a forum for the collaboration at the community, national, and international level, of resources for healing trauma. It includes online video presentations.
ImpactA quick, effective and cost-efficient tool, the resource center will facilitate the understanding of trauma as a root cause of violence as well as the promotion, collaboration, and synthesis of present and emerging resources on trauma and its healing purpose, making them accessible to the public and the professional community.