Gina Ross will be conducting the following SE® trainings:

Join us for a unique Workshop in

Naxos, Greece
July 1-6, 2018

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gina ross

Gina Ross is Founder and President of the International Trauma-Healing Institutes (ITI USA, and ITI Israel). An international SE senior trainer, Gina adds her vast cross-cultural experience to her expertise on individual and collective trauma, & conflict resolution, with a special focus on the Middle East conflict. She has run workshops in Europe, Brazil, Africa, America and the Middle East.  She authored Beyond the Trauma Vortex: the Media’s Role in Healing Fear, Terror, and Violenceand a series of seven Guide books for 10 social sectors called: Beyond the Trauma Vortex into the Healing Vortex: Guidelines.Gina specializes in trauma therapy, cross-cultural understanding and cross-cultural therapy in seven languages for a clientele from 60 different countries. She is a sought-after trauma expert for radio and television and at international conferences.  For more information, visit

Previous Workshops:

Workshop submitted: March 2015 – Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, Washington DC.
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Panel Discussion: August 2013. PTSD and the Media. Excellence in Journalism Conference, Anaheim, CA.

Workshop presented: 2013. Trauma and Conflict Resolution – Trauma Proofing Children; a seminar for Parents and Educators. Brussels, Belgium.

Workshop presented: July 2013. EFAST And Collective Trauma. Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Workshop presented: June 2013. EFAST and academic research. A series of presentations with Dr. Danny Brom regarding the academic research being conducted in Israel, Los Angeles, CA 2013.

Workshops at medical facilities: Beilenson Hospital, Ichilov, Sorroca, and Hadassah Hospitals; Ben Gurion University. A series conducted in 2013 in Israel.

Workshop presented: August 2011. Healing our Collective Trauma Vortices. Hope Springs Institute, Peebles, Ohio.

Workshop presented: July 2011. The Ross Model. Working with the Collective Nervous System. The New York Core Center, New York City, NY.

Invited Speaker: April 2013. EFAST and Collective Trauma. Rotary Club of Los Angeles. Los Angeles, CA

Workshop presented: April 2011. Healing Collective Trauma. Conflict Transformation and Mysticism, Friendship Across Borders, Joint Peace Initiative of Germans, Jewish Israelis, and Palestinians, Frankfurt Germany.

Workshop Requested for Presentation: December 2008, World Congress of Imams and Rabbis for Peace, Program de Dialogue Inter’religieux de l’UNESCO, Paris, France.

Workshop Presented: 2008. Collective Trauma and Conflict Resolution. Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles, CA.

Workshop conducted: 2007. Veterans, PTSD and its Effect on Families. Casa Colina, Pomona, CA
Poster Exhibitor: 2007. Collective Trauma. ISTSS Conference, Chicago, Illinois.